Private Groups

Private Groups

Experience Shepton Mallet Prison with your closest friends and family for a truly immersive day out

For all friends and family groups wanting tours, activities or events at Shepton Mallet Prison.

Visit Includes

  • Group 12 Prison Experience
  • Group 8 Self-guided Tour
  • Group 12 Activities
  • iconmonstr-mobile-thin Photographs
  • Group 9 Drinks
Shepton Mallet Prison Private Group Bookings

If you are a family or friend’s group of 8 or more then you can have a fun filled activity package at Shepton Mallet Prison.

Welcomed by an officer, you will confess your crimes and be processed into the prisoner experience, receiving your standard issued orange jumpsuits, before being placed into a holding cell. From there you will be escorted by your prison officer to the wings to begin your activities.

Once completed you will enjoy drinks and compare notes on your experience.

Shepton Mallet Prison Self Guided Tour


There are two package options to choose from, all of which begin with the Prisoner Experience, a Mini Tour and drinks. You just need to choose which escape activity you would like to do.

Choose from:

  • The Cell Escape Room
  • Turf Wars


If you are a family or friends’ group of 10 or more then you can receive a discount on Night Behind Bar at Shepton Mallet Prison.

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