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According to the Governor - Communication

Every business has its own ways of connecting with their employees. We are no different and have various communication channels to our team, mainly and simply, having a conversation. Lockdown has been hard for everyone, especially employees whose salary has been reduced to 80% whilst being told to stay at home (and chill). This can cause a lot of stress as they have no idea when they will be going back to work, if the company they work for will even be there when we come out of lockdown and how they are going to balance their finances on a reduced income. As the CEO I have many responsibilities to my employees; one of the most powerful things a CEO can do is connect and talk to their staff and that’s exactly what I do. I call my managers every few days, and make sure I speak to each member of the team every couple of weeks. It’s a simple phone call to ask how they are, how they are handling lockdown and if there is anything they need. This is an ethos I have embedded from top to bottom within each of my businesses and something I wanted to share with everyone.

About 18 months ago our HR and Admin Managers started an internal newsletter ‘Take A Prison Break’ as a way to post updates, acknowledge good work across all businesses, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries and have a bit of fun. Take a Prison Break would normally come out quarterly and be printed and shipped to our office and site locations for all to read - until today. The team that publish the magazine decided to do an impromptu ‘lockdown edition’ and I wanted to share and celebrate this with you.

I hope this brings a slight relief to the lockdown we are all experiencing and provides a bit of humour, while giving you a sneak peek into our world #BehindBars a world we know as #PrisonLife. According to the Governor

Joel Campbell, CEO of The Campbell Group / Operators of #shrewsburyprison and #sheptonmalletprison

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