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New Features & Fletch the Prison Cat

For over a week now, the Prison has been open to visitors for Self-Guided tours.

So, how has it been?

It has been so refreshing and encouraging to again welcome visitors; both the new-comers and some regular faces.

Even a certain feline-friend has been making almost daily appearances. He loves the one-way system because all of the doors are open and Fletch can go wherever he likes, even if it means getting locked in one-night last week!

Certainly, some of the items newly on display in Visits have caught the eye of many visitors, especially the epaulettes, highly ornate pin badges and noose.

Since the town’s Tourist Information Centre had to close at the beginning of the lockdown, Loraine and her amazing team kindly allowed us to display various items which they previous held so that people can still learn about the history of the town as well as the prison.

One of the things I had personally been looking forward to would be the arrival of brand-new information boards, which were delivered the day before we reopened. These boards are something I have been working on over the past year.

It really was a shock to the system, having to return to working on site again rather than at home. The getting up early enough was not really a problem for me. Instead, what I noticed were the copious number of stairs that we climb everyday as we go around the prison.

I have done plenty of walking since March, but these stairs will take it out of you if you’re not used to them! Three months was enough time for my legs to forget.

Despite some aching legs, it certainly feels great to be open once more. I hope that we may see more of you visiting over the coming months, be it for a wander around in the day time or a ghost tour in the evening, in the knowledge that we have created a safe environment for all of us.

Flick, CSA at Shepton Mallet Prison

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