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Prison Lockdown - Week 4

Week Four – The Post-Easter Week

Often over the bank-holiday weekend, Easter Sunday and Monday are spent in a chocolate-induced lull, and a number of lie-ins are enjoyed.

The concept of a lie-in is alien to me. I have an east-facing window so always end up waking as soon as the sun comes up, but at least it means I get to enjoy the massive handprint rainbow in the window of the house opposite first thing in the morning!

I haven’t been into the Prison since 21st March when we closed it but the site-manager Charlie has been paying the occasional visit, just to check nothing is damaged or if there are any problems. Normally during the Easter holidays the prison is full of people visiting, so it must certainly feel strange for him to be the only person around making any noise.

It is a shame that we weren’t able to use the busy time to throw some of the newer members of the team in at the deep end! Newbies Georgie, Matt and Mel have all started within the past couple of months and would thoroughly be getting into the full swing of things in normal circumstances. Once we reopen, you will get the opportunity to meet them properly and they you!

Normally when we are all around the prison, we can be a little noisy; either we are radioing each other to find out where or colleagues are, or we are screaming when someone jumps out at us! I’m sure all of us would agree that Charlie is certainly the worst offender. I think everyone has fallen victim to a scare at some point, but it’s certainly satisfying when you can get someone back.

There is always something fun about trying to scare people or just being scared yourself. Why else would we watch horror films?

Because we all love a good scare and a good laugh, the team are happy for me to share some of these behind the scenes videos, which I have had on repeat for the past few days.


Felicity - CSA at Shepton Mallet Prison


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