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Prison Lockdown - Week 6

Another week has passed in lockdown. I hope you are all still finding things to keep you occupied!

The bathroom is nearly done, although some of the paint has also ended up covering me too. The room would be finished by now, but someone had second thoughts on the colour of the tiles.

Jenny and Site Manager Charlie have also been busy painting prison cells whilst keeping a safe distance. I’m hoping to see some exciting colour combos appear when I get to visit the prison again.

I hope that like me, you have been tuning in to watch the live feed from Shrewsbury prison with Joel, Lauren and Stacey! You can watch live on their Facebook page or catch up on YouTube. It’s definitely something we want to try out some time as whenever we talk about the spookier side of life in the prison people are so interested.

Having worked within the prison for nearly 3 years, you do get used to the atmosphere in a way and become less intimidated the more you explore and learn. It will certainly be interesting after the lockdown to see if it will be like starting afresh again.

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, there is an undeniable dark feeling when you walk into the prison. Part of that is indeed the simple fact that you have come into an abandoned prison, an intimidating location for so many people.

Then there is the 400 years worth of history attached to the prison; life, death, misery and suffering for thousands of people over the years. Could that emotion have left an imprint upon the building?

After talking to some of the real-life ghost hunters that we have come to know so well over the past few years, I know that they will be some of the first to join us once we re-open. Even if I don’t always agree that something is evidence of the paranormal, it is always fascinating to find out about what strange and wonderful things they have experienced, be it emotional, physical, on camera or recorded audio.

Felicity - CSA at Shepton Mallet Prison


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