Turf Wars


'Turf Wars' is an immersive escape experience where guests are challenged to solve 4 'Stations' hidden throughout the 'Grid' - all whilst avoiding capture by the 'Hunter'!

Activity Overview

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Like an escape room, there are puzzles for you to solve in Turf Wars. We call these ‘Stations’, which are dotted around the ‘Grid’. Some stations may be locked, some may be hidden, but each requires a different ability to complete. These include;

  • Mind station: You will need intelligence
  • Soul station: You will need to trade something
  • Skill station: Hand-eye coordination is key
  • Belief station: Take a leap of faith
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Turf Wars | Shepton Mallet Prison

Normal escape rooms place you in a single room, but with this immersive escape game experience, you’re placed on a ‘Grid’ – an entire floor with multiple rooms and routes throughout.

You will have sixty minutes to complete the ‘Stations’, take control of the ‘Grid’ and win the ‘Turf War’.

BUT…you won’t be alone, you will be competing against the ‘Hunter’!

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The Hunter | Turf Wars

When you arrive, the ‘Hunter’ will already control the ‘Grid’, and their job is to stop you completing the ‘stations’ and taking control from them.

‘Hunters’ may be fast, slow, big, small, creepy, aggressive, loud or quiet. Whichever hunter you’re up against…you won’t want to come face-to-face with them!

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Opening Hours

Mon-Sun: 10am-5pm