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Production & Film Location

Stunning Film & Production Location in the UK

Even before entering through the main gates, the imposing perimeter wall of Shepton Mallet Prison towers over you on the road below.

Once inside, you will make your way onto one of the four Victorian wings, built-in grey stone, and then out onto the large exercise yard, surrounded on three sides by cells. From horror to drama and thriller to period pieces; Shepton Mallet Prison offers one of the best film production locations you'll find in the UK. Already seen on the big screen - both both television and film - we can offer you a space that helps tell engaging and exciting stories.

Film Production at Shepton Mallet Prison

400 years of history…

In addition to the main historic site is the large Workshop Block next door. Built in the 1970s, this part of the prison showcases some of the more modern additions to the prison system, including the large workshop spaces and modern Reception.

Our film production locations can tell the story of 400 years of prison and social history. We play host to small scale productions, music videos and educational productions, through medium scale entertainment and drama, right up to major Hollywood blockbusters.

Guided Tours for Night Behind Bars

Areas of interest for filming include:

  • B Wing: The largest Victorian wing at Shepton Mallet Prison, with a capacity to hold 94 inmates over 3 floors
  • Segregation: 3 cells separated from the rest of the population, including a 24 hour watch cell
  • C Wing: A similar layout to B wing but with capacity for 43 inmates over 3 floors
  • A Wing: A long and narrow wing, with cells on one side. Set over 3 floors with capacity for 37 inmates
  • D Wing: A closed wing over 2 floors, with capacity for 15 inmates
Locations at Shepton Mallet
  • Exercise Yard: Large exercise yard with cells on 3 sides, and space for both a basketball court and garden areas
  • Execution Room: Where hangings would have taken place before the death penalty was abolished
  • Visits: The area used for prison visits from family and friends – an alternative area can also be the Staff Mess, previously the Visits room
  • Closed visits: With the screen between visitor and prisoner
  • Reception: For processing prisoners
  • Workshops: The area where prisoners would have worked, used for sewing, machinery and manufacturing
  • Gym: A converted Victorian Chapel featuring a large sports hall and changing rooms.

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