Ghost Tour

Ghost Tour

Next availability: Thursday 20th May, 7:30pm

Shepton Mallet Prison is the most haunted jail in the world... come and investigate to see what lurks behind the high prison walls in the dead of night.

You will be met by your tour guides for the evening at the imposing gates, to be led to Visits for the start of your tour. Your guides have exceptional knowledge of the prison, in particular the ghostly tales, the legends and the spooky experiences that regularly occur. Guided by torchlight you will delve into the ghostly world of spirits – experience the strange silence that fills the grounds and the damp walls carrying only the faintest echo of what’s left behind.

Tour Overview

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Shepton Mallet Prison Tours

This is a tour without gimmicks – a true gritty look at what happened over the last 400 years.

You will be taken into the depths of this historic building and experience the darker side of the prison. You’ll listen in horror as you’re told of the sinister side of jail life – torture, murder and hangings; the last execution took place just 75 years ago. Everybody has their own tales to tell and own experiences to relate – what will you discover?

One of the most legendary spirits is the “White Lady”. This heartbroken murderess is known to sweep through the wing, bringing a cold wind in her wake, taunting prison staff and inmates alike for decades. Will you see her?

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Shepton Mallet Prison Exterior

There are a number of unmarked graves within the walls of the prison where executed criminals would be buried. C Wing, the former female wing, is also considered by many to be one of the most haunted locations, and of special interest to many ghost hunters hoping to catch a glimpse of the hand of Ronnie Kray.

Ghost Tours run every Thursday evening at 7.30pm & 9.30pm and should be booked in advance due to the high demand. Pease dress warmly, wear sensible footwear, bring a small torch, someone’s hand and your wits.

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