Private Tours

Private Tours

Experience Shepton Mallet Prison through one of our private tours, led by an ex-prison officer. Immerse yourself in the history of the prison, as you explore a 400-year-old prison on no holds barred tour that showcases life inside.

Our private tours are designed especially for all friends and family groups wanting private tours, activities or events at Shepton Mallet Prison. Make a day of it through additional activities and things to do - suitable for all ages and tastes!

Visit Includes

  • Prison Experience
  • Group 12 Self-Guided Tour
  • Group 8 Activities
  • iconmonstr-mobile-thin Photographs
  • Group 9 Drinks
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If you are a family or friend’s group of 15 or more then you can book an exclusive tour of Shepton Mallet Prison.

Your two-hour, no holds barred tour showcases life inside. Tour guides with encyclopedic knowledge will take your group through the traditional prison wings, furnished cells, healthcare, segregation, prisoners’ kitchen, visits, hangman’s bedroom and finish in the execution room.

Who were the infamous inmates? How many escaped? When was the last hanging? How do drugs get into prisons? These are all are just a handful of questions your group may want to ask your tour guide.

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