Unique Venue Hire in Somerset | Shepton Mallet Prison

Unique Venue Hire in Somerset | Shepton Mallet Prison

Your Premier Choice for Unique Venue Hire in Somerset

Nestled in Somerset, Shepton Mallet Prison offers a venue like no other. With a history spanning 400 years, it’s now a hub for unforgettable events. From social gatherings to grand celebrations, its four-acre space provides endless possibilities. Guided tours, escape rooms, and Ghost Tours ensure every guest is entertained.

The prison’s rich history and stunning architecture make it a sought-after location for special events and exhibitions. Whether it’s art showcases or educational workshops, the atmospheric environment sets the stage for memorable experiences.


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A Wedding Venue with a difference

For couples seeking a wedding venue with character, Shepton Mallet Prison offers an unmatched setting. With its Victorian prison wing and authentic cells, it’s the perfect backdrop for a unique ceremony. Our team works closely with clients to tailor every detail, ensuring a wedding day that’s as unique as the venue itself.


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Shepton Mallet Prison Boasts the Ultimate Setting for Stunning Photography

Photographers find Shepton Mallet Prison to be a dream location. Its labyrinth of corridors and historic cells provides endless opportunities for creative expression. Whether it’s fashion shoots, music videos, or historical re-enactments, the prison’s ambiance adds depth and authenticity to every image captured.


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Whether it’s a private celebration, corporate event, or photography project, Shepton Mallet Prison offers a venue far from the ordinary. Contact our dedicated sales team today to unlock the potential of this historic landmark and create an event that will be remembered for years to come.


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