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Locked In A Box

Locked In A Box Immersive Event

Are you ready for the most intense horror experience in the UK? It’s time to take a journey to haunted shores – a strong hold for the condemned souls of pirates in this exhilarating immersive event.

Activity Overview

Locked In a Box | Immersive Event

Welcome to Rattlebone warehouse, the last bit of dry land you’ll set foot on before setting off towards haunted shores in search of fame and glory!

Captain Flynn, the notorious pirate wanted by all for looting and plundering, needs a loyal crew to help him smuggle the Rune’s of Atlantis across the darkened seas.

It is only with the Rune’s can he debt be paid to the undead pirate lords and thus become a free pirate once again, well…as free as a pirate can be shall we say!

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Pirate Themed Escape Room | Shepton Mallet

In order to get the Runes to him safely, the wannabe pirate crew will need to smuggle the jewel out of the Rattlebone Warehouse. You’ll have to pass the guards on duty and board a ship setting sail for the Bay of Buchanan where Captain Flynn is in hiding – at the bottom of a rum bottle, drinking his sorrows away in the “What a Big Anchor” public house.

But alas, it won’t be a smooth ride. These uncharted waters contain frights from your worst nightmares, ghosts you shan’t dare to look at and ghouls so ugly they could scare even the most heinous of mother in laws. Sirens, ghosts and undead pirate souls that long for the Runes for themselves. As soon as you set sail you’ll have to stay confined and hidden out of plain sight from these creatures. Otherwise – it’s Davy Jones’ locker for you all!

Immersive Events Ltd are excited to present the UK’s first LIVE ‘Locked in a Box’ immersive experience at the world famous Shepton Mallet Prison. Twelve individual crates, large enough to sit up in, have been hand crafted to engross all of your senses.

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Locked In A Box Escape Room | Shepton Mallet

An integrated audio narrative from Captain Flynn himself, alongside atmospheric lighting, smells and visuals will accompany you on your 30 minute journey across uncharted seas.

Live actors will utilise elements of the boxes such as strategically placed hatches to completely immerse the audience inside the boxes. The aim? To bring adventure, scares and memorable moments to each that are brave enough to venture into this incredible fantasy environment.

So get together your scallywag crew, tie up those boots and down that rum. It’s time to set sails for haunted shores and deliver Captain Flynn his freedom!

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Opening Hours

Mon-Sun: 10am-5pm