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Storytelling Chronicles

Enter the captivating realm of storytelling at Shepton Mallet Prison

Next availability: Saturday 27th, 11:30am

Activity Overview

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Walk through The Chronicles…

Begin your journey with a 40-minute immersive story that breathes life into the tales of the past, followed by a 20-minute interactive encounter in the very labour yard where the stories unfolded.

In the morning session, delve into the trials of Archie, while our afternoon session beckons you into the spectral world of Ellie, the White Lady, and Barwick Algernon Dunn, the Night Watchman. Each story session, lasting an hour and costing just £5, will leave you spellbound.


Immerse yourself in the tale of “Archie’s Journey,” a poignant saga of a young boy’s courage and an extraordinary friendship that defies all odds. This heart-warming story, set against the backdrop of Shepton Mallet Prison, is an experience that promises to move and inspire.

Witness the power of hope and endurance in the face of adversity as Archie’s bond with a mysterious companion, Squeak, unveils life’s hidden miracles.

The White Lady

Dive into the hauntingly beautiful tale of love, mystery, and betrayal at Shepton Mallet Prison. A bride accused, a groom deceased, chilling whispers, and wedding bells are overshadowed by suspicion and a love story that transcends the veil between life and death.

This gripping narrative, rich with emotion, suspense, and a touch of the supernatural, tells the unforgettable tale of two lovers, Ellie and Bertie.

The Night Watchman

Experience the thrill of history as you explore the hauntings of a prison guard whose cruel legacy is said to linger in the very fabric of this historic site. Uncover the chilling tale of Barwick Algernon Dunn, known infamously as “Dung.”

Confront the spectral sightings and eerie occurrences reported in the dead of night, where Dung’s restless spirit is rumoured to prowl.

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