New and fun activities in Shepton Mallet

New and fun activities in Shepton Mallet

Embark on an unforgettable adventure at Shepton Mallet Prison, where history comes to life through immersive storytelling and interactive encounters. Dive into the chronicles of the past with captivating tales of courage, love, and mystery, all set within the walls of this historic site.

Each story session offers a unique and immersive activity, lasting just 40 minutes followed by an interactive experience lasting 20 minutes. The best part being it only costing you £5! Whether you choose to delve into Archie’s journey, immerse yourself in the tale of The White Lady, or confront the haunting legacy of The Night Watchman, prepare to be spellbound by the rich history and captivating narratives that await you at Shepton Mallet Prison.

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Which story catches your attention?

Archie’s Journey: Experience courage and friendship as you follow young Archie’s saga, delving into his extraordinary bond with the mysterious Squeak. Witness life’s hidden miracles unfold in the face of adversity.

The White Lady: Step into the hauntingly beautiful narrative of love, mystery, and betrayal within the prison walls. Follow the chilling whispers and wedding bells as Ellie and Bertie’s undying love transcends the veil between life and death.

The Night Watchman: Prepare to confront the chilling legacy of Barwick Algernon Dunn, known as “Dung.” Encounter eerie occurrences as you come face to face with Dung’s restless spirit lingering throughout the historic site.


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Join us as we unravel the mysteries of the past and embark on a journey through time. Find out more today and prepare to be transported to a world where history meets the supernatural, leaving you breathless and longing for more.