Shepton Mallet Prison Paranormal

Shepton Mallet Prison Paranormal

Since the end of May, and throughout June and July, Shepton Mallet Prison has welcomed a host of Paranormal Groups over the weekends. Over 200 guests will have joined each of these teams, to be led on an investigation into the paranormal.

Our Night Supervisors have the pleasure of looking after the site and the guests during investigations. Let’s introduce them (from left to right) …

Night Supervisors at Shepton Mallet Prison

Jo, Ann and Kate all joined the team at the beginning of the year, each with different interests and views when it comes to the paranormal. Everyone always says how brave they must be, having the job of locking up the prison, on their own in the dark!


At the end of May we welcomed Tik-Tok Star, Dan Spragg, and Adam Oakley from Ghost Trip Investigation into the prison. Unlike most groups who welcome their guests to the event, this investigation was live streamed to their followers whilst the team of two investigated throughout the night.


Ghost Trip Investigation at Shepton Mallet Prison


Dan and Adam reported to Luke, looking after the site overnight, that they both witnessed a cell door slam shut on C Wing, as well as a figure, also seen on C Wing.

Haunted Happenings, one of the most regular groups to run events in the prison, visited five times. This includes one Sleepover event in June and earlier in July, they even welcomed a group of Hens onto an Investigation.

A bizarre incident happened on one of the Haunted Happenings events recently. Whilst Jo and Felicity were in the Visitor Centre, they both heard a lengthy scream!

It sounded as though it came from someone close by, but as it was dark, they could not see anyone outside. Troubled by the sound, they checked the entire site, to make sure that none of the visitors had come to any harm. However, all was quiet around the prison. They wondered if it could have come from the local wildlife, but both agreed it could not be that either.


Erie Image of Shepton Mallet Prison

It was not until one of them was leaving the prison a little later, that they spotted an abandoned trolley outside the gates to the prison, along with discarded beer cans. Perhaps it had just been someone outside, rolling down the hill… but it still gave them a fright!

The team from Knocks Paranormal visited earlier in July. We were thrilled to hear about all the strange things that happened during the night, such as the unexplained noises heard by the team, and witnessing a cell door slamming shut.

They have posted several videos and EVPs to their public Facebook page, as well as a summary of the event. This included some glowing praise for Kate, one of our Night Supervisors, who was looking after the team during the night. It is certainly worth visiting their page to watch their videos from the event.


KnocksPara Facebook review


As we carry on throughout the summer, we are still expecting many, many more Paranormal Groups, with groups booked every weekend between now and the end of the year.